Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology: The Next Big Thing

Wearable technology is the next big thing in mobile and a whole lot more.  We’ve gone from where technology is working for us on PCs to Laptops to PDAs to cell phones to smart phones and now to smart wearable devices.  In the process technology has not only become more proximal to our person, technology has also become more personal.  Personal data enables the quantified self and actionable insight can be derived from all that data to enrich lives, the lives of people who put wearable technology to work for their now quantified selves.

Wearable Prediction 2016 Update: Will 2016 be “The Year of The Wearable”?

Another year in the wearable industry and deciding if the wearable wave is big enough to ride and carry us to the future is still a challenge.  A look through the WorkTechWork predictions can shed some light on whether or not 2016 will be “The Year of The Wearable.”  Read Will 2016 be “The Year of The Wearable.”

Wearable Prediction 2015 Update: Wearables Dirty Laundry 

This is the most comprehensive free analysis of the challenges and trends in wearable technology available for free on the Internet.  The piece is the result of reviewing over 50 products and/or companies in the Wearable Technology space (and its over 50 because after 50 I stopped counting).  It includes an update to the original wearable predictions and content from dozens of interviews with wearable tech company CEOs and other leaders in the space.  It is not a short blog post; think of it as a white paper disguised as a blog post.  You can read Wearables Dirty Laundry here.

10 Wearable Predictions

Is wearable technology fashion, fad or the future?  Find out here with the first eight wearable predictions. (March 2014)

In June 2014 predictions for data privacy and context were added, rounding out the full list to 10 Wearable Predictions.

Wearable Industry Watch Series

To monitor progress along the 10 Wearable Predictions a Wearable Industry Watch Series has been created where you’ll find deeper details about what is going on in the industry with respect to each of the 10 wearables predictions.

Companies focusing efforts on wearable devices and solutions related to each prediction are highlighted.  Those companies will be watched over the next year and will be included in a planned update to the industry watch following Wearable World’s 2015 Glazed Conference in San Francisco, CA.

Who to Watch for Prediction #1 Wearables Will Satisfy Customer Needs

Who to Watch for Prediction #2 Wearables:  Silo to Integrated w/IoT

Who to Watch for Prediction #3 Wearable Alpha: More value from multiple wearable devices and sensors

Who to Watch for Prediction #4 Analytics & Sensor Tech Improve Wearable Intelligence

Who to Watch for Prediction #5 Wearable Sensor Costs Decreasing

Who to Watch for Prediction #6 Energy: Improved Storage & Lower Consumption for Wearables

Who to Watch for Prediction #7 People to Make Statements with Wearables

Who to Watch for Prediction #8 People Use Undetectable Wearables

Who to Watch for Prediction #9 Wearable Data Ownership Debate

Who to Watch for Prediction #10 Wearables Enable Contextual Awareness

If you would like your company considered for the predictions in the industry watch for the annual update, feel free to reach out on the Contact page.




  1. The best example about wearable like Google Glass was the most-talked about product in the US. Glass, Fitbit and Pebble emerged as the top three products mentioned by volume in the US, while in the UK the rankings stood as Fitbit, Nike Fuelband and Google Glass.

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