If you or your organization struggle to understand why technology is so hard to use, manage and implement, you’ve come to the right place.  At WorkTechWork we believe that you should not have to feel encumbered by technology.  Technology should be enabling you, empowering you and energizing you and it should do all this while fading into the background.  We believe the mantra of our founder, Josh Bradshaw:

Don’t Work for Technology; Make Technology Work for You!

Through a team of seasoned experts and partners, WorkTechWork puts the mantra to work for you and your teams.  We have experiences in boardrooms and in trenches, providing seasoned executive style leadership and strategic consulting.

When working with technical product teams through advisory, mentorship, training and consulting a heavy focus is placed on consumer oriented product strategy and bringing business and customer insight to technical teams, projects and products.  This is done by emphasizing value proposition definition, value creation, business plan development, competitive analysis and go to market strategy with its related customer research, market research, market segmentation and distribution strategies.

Projects include:

  • Go to Market Strategy Development
  • Product launch (two products successfully launched at CES)
  • Customer-Focused Product Strategy Development (*see below for more about consumer-oriented strategy)
  • IoT solution product strategy, product marketing & content
  • IoT & WearableTech Content Marketing Strategy
  • Market Entry, Scaling, Expansion Requirements for connected HW & SW
  • Market Opportunity Evaluation & Selection
  • Business Model Development
  • Business Plan Development & Analysis
  • Executive Summary Analysis
  • Customer Value Discovery
  • Target Market Definition & Analysis
  • Marketing Plan Development & Execution
  • Website Content Review
  • Social media management: Comprehensive management including company blog, Twitter, Facebook,, Crunchbase, LinkedIn & more.
  • Pitch Deck Analysis, Pitch Review & Pitch Practice
  • Startup Accelerator Program Analysis & Applications
  • Startup mentor/advisor

For a consultation, submit a request through the Contact page.

Clients & Projects

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Startup Incubators & Accelerators

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