Videos & Speaking

Unless specifically stated during the presentation or in the slides, anytime I speak in public the opinions I share are my own and not on behalf of clients or employers.

Contact regarding speaking requestsspeakingpics

Speaking Video Sample (IoTa Conference 2014)


Product Videos:

The following are a few of the dozens of interviews I have posted on Facebook.  As with all content on WorkTechWork, the views and opinions are my own in these videos.

Visit this link to see 18 video interviews of companies at CES 2017.

Fans of tech meet fans of Harry Potter. This clock is the closest thing to the Weasley clock technology can provide. I just signed up as a backer on Indegogo and so should you! Visit the link here.

Kempf hand controls for disabled drivers.

Solar Impulse pilot Bertrand Piccard provides advice for entrepreneurs and the parents of the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Ever lose your keys?  This video takes a look at Bluetooth beacon technology with my landlord Scott.  Both the Gimball and Tile beacons are demoed.

IoT for weapons and other law enforcement tools with Robert Stewart, Yardarm Technologies CEO and Jim Schaff, Yardarm’s VP of Marketing




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