Month: December 2016

Answer Your Hotel Room Door Naked

You’re just coming out of the shower and the hotel’s front desk is delivering the item you requested.  Are you going to be embarrassed when you open the door dripping wet with nothing on but a towel?  What about the person delivering?  I know someone who worked at a hotel and they hated it when people answered naked (with no towel) for weirdness, fun or spite.  It happens way more often than you think.  Plus, a lot of hotel guests are comfortable answering a door in their undies when hotel staff would simply prefer they cover up.

There is a better way…indoor robot deliveries.  For the person who is concerned about answering the door with bed head, without makeup, or in some less-than-ideal state, the experience of opening up to a robot with a delivery surpasses interacting with a human.  AND the robot won’t expect you to pull a tip out of your undies.

Relay by Savioke is an indoor delivery robot making deliveries in about 30 locations today in the US and Singapore.  Check out this interview with Savioke CEO Steve Cousins where he talks about Relay, a robot that can get to your door in 5 minutes vs 25+ minutes for a member of the hotel staff.  Relay also doesn’t care if you’re naked!