Wearables Predictions: Who to Watch for Prediction #2

This is the second post in a Wearable Industry Watch Series for each of the 10 Wearables Predictions.  Follow this blog or Twitter handle @WorkTechWork to be notified of each part of the series. To view all predictions and links to the other parts of the series, visit the Wearable Industry Watch Series.

Prediction #2: Where wearables are silo solutions now, in the future they will be better integrated with other wearables and the wider Internet of Things.

Platforms Enabling IoT/Wearable Integration:

Since this prediction was first made in March, several key industry players made notable announcements that indicate the foundations are being laid to facilitate integration between wearables and other IoT devices.

April 15, 2014 Microsoft Announces IoT Cloud Service and a limited preview of Microsoft Azure Intelligent Systems Service

June 2, 2014 Apple Announces iOS 8 with HealthKit and HomeKit

June 3, 2014 MediaTek Launches LinkIt(TM) Platform For Wearables and Internet of Things

June 10, 2014 Salesforce Announces Salesforce Wear Developer Pack

July 8, 2014 Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) formed by Atmel Corporation, Broadcom Corporation, Dell, Intel Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., and Wind River

July 15, 2014 The Thread Group Announces its formation to create a new wireless IoT protocolThe Thread Group includes the collaborative forces of Google Inc.’s Nest Labs, Samsung Electronics, Freescale Semiconductor, ARM Holdings, Silicon Labs, Yale Security and Big Ass Fans.

Wearable to Wearable & Wearable to IoT Integration:

These are examples of companies who facilitate integration with other wearables and the wider internet of things are paving the way to change the world of siloed wearable solutions to integrated solutions.  The are better positioned to create what I call Wearable Alpha which will be discussed in more detail in Part 3 of the Wearable Industry Watch.

Wearables Industry Watch Prediction #2

EasilyDo: EasilyDo is integrating information from Galaxy Gear wearables into their scheduling app enabling users to do things like dial a phone for meetings and make RSVPs right from the wearable.  In other words, they’re integrating functions across a wearable and a smart phone. Mikael Berner, CEO @EasilyDo shared this with me, “Wearables allow manufacturers and developers to reimagine interaction and engagement with consumers. Our Galaxy Gear apps are a great example of how we are using the new medium to redefine the way people connect with apps, consume information contextually, and execute tasks. We are excited to see what the future holds for contextual apps and services in this space.”

Nod: Nod is a ring that enables gesture control of software and other IoT devices.  Nod’s IoT compatibility includes Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue Lights, Belkin WeMo Devices, Google Glass, GoPro Cameras and LG Smart TVs.

DrumPants: Drumpants takes the idea of touching a secret button to a whole new level.  Drumpants sensors can control iOS, Android and desktop apps, thus making this a truly limitless tool for exploration by anyone interested in controlling a portion of their world by discreetly tapping a sensor beneath their clothing.

ICEdot: When attached to a helmet, the ICEdot Crash Sensor can detect when impact occurs and trigger an alarm on a mobile device.  If the alarm goes unanswered, indicating the person wearing the helmet might be injured and unable to respond, the phone companion app sends text messages to emergency contacts.  This is integration between devices with the potential to save lives.

Validic: Validic provides a digital health platform that integrates information from health and fitness IoT devices, including wearables.  Earlier in July Validic acquired Infometers, expanding their health ecosystem by 44% (read more about Infometers here).

Are you working to connect wearables to the wider Internet of Things?   Tell me about it in the comments below or reach out here and lets meet up and chat.

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