Month: January 2016

Why don’t you blog more? I do – just not here!

Someone asked me this week why I don’t blog more.  The truth of the matter is that I do, I just do not do it here.

I’ve found that engaging with people is far better on Facebook than on any other social media medium (Medium included).  Why?  Because the barrier to engagement is so much lower on Facebook.  If I blog about something here, in order for my network to see it a link to that blog post has to be posted to LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  If someone sees the link they have to click it and come here to view the content.  Then if they engage, there isn’t a convenient way to do it. But, on Facebook there is a convenient way.  Click Like, comment, share.  It is so simple and easy and everybody understands how it works.  Plus you can all view things I post while you’re sitting in the ER waiting room to get doctored up after taking the crazy pic you just posted that made the ER visit possible.

Some people I meet at conferences are surprised when I invite them to connect on Facebook.  They keep their personal life private.  I respect their opinion and explain that I see myself in one way, neither professional or private.  My love for things, including technology in my life, is transparent.  You will see some personal things on my Facebook and they’re all water cooler appropriate.  While water cooler appropriate, you won’t see me posting pictures of food I love every day or other random things that people post, because wasting your time and brain is not what I’m about, privately or personally.

For those of you who want to know what I’m up to but still want to keep it personal on Facebook, I have enabled following on my personal Facebook account.  This way some of what I’m up to will show up in your Facebook feed and none of what you’re up to will show up in mine.  Trust me, if you use Facebook for ‘personal’ stuff like pictures of your food, your vomit, or even your dog’s veterinarian’s sister’s neighbor’s cat’s play toy I don’t need (or want) to see it anyway.

If we briefly met at one of the many conferences I’ve participated in or at a hackathon or a meetup and I’ve met tons of folks that day, I may not remember you.  In those cases, please don’t feel bad, but I probably won’t accept your Facebook friend request if I don’t remember you.  Not all is lost because you’re automatically a follower and will still see what I’m up to.  But don’t stop there.  If I don’t accept your friend request, send me a message.  Lets chat online or on the phone (my mobile number is 408-466-199seven, 1997 was the year I moved to Silicon Valley).  You probably have an interesting story to tell about your technology/entrepreneurship/innovation/disruption and I’d love to hear it, especially if it has anything to do with technology working for you.

So find me here to friend, follow or even Facebook stalk.

ps This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop blogging here, I will occasionally crank stuff out here.  In  the time in between when you’re looking for me, find me on Facebook.