Real Estate Technology

What is the real estate technology disruption?

Technology will impact real estate more over the next 10 years than it has in any decade in the history of the world.  It will create real, montetizable value for owners, operators and managers of real estate. This is due in large part to Internet of Things solutions.  Data, analytics and computing power will produce quantified results on the building bottom line.

Know what is coming.  It isn’t a question of if technology can improve your real estate operations and improve the bottom line, it is a question of when.  It is happening right now in 2017 and it is possible you’re using tech installed when your building was built…perhaps 1962 or earlier!  If it is not happening for you it is happening for your competitors.  When will you be ready to put the best real estate technology to work for you before being left behind in pre-2017 tech?

Take action.  Dig in on some the ways tech is changing CRE in these articles (below) and then let’s talk.