Month: October 2016

Wearables + Virtual Reality = Very Cool

In this video Mickey Ferri, one of the Enflux Smart Clothing founders, gives an awesome demo. If you’re a fan of the Village People and dancing to YMCA, this is for you.
They have a kit for developers.  Check it out on the Enflux website.
One thing I mention in the video that I want to point out here is that by combining a wearable shirt/pant with sensors with the wearable VR headset, Enflux is creating Wearable Alpha, additional value from more than one wearable interacting (the shirt/pant and VR headset). This ties in with my third wearable prediction, you can read more about Wearable Alpha here.

Nonda ZUS, Grush & Tianya Zorpia at SVIEF

Check out these interviews from SVIEF:


Ever lose your car parked somewhere? I actually did for the first time a few weeks ago in San Francisco (hilly neighborhood too so it wasn’t exactly fun when my car was on the other block). I met the Nonda team at the SVIEF expo and their CEO Nick Staubach explained how the Nonda ZUS product works. It’s pretty sleek and a cool concept. Even if you never lose your car you still get two powerful USB charging spots.

Apple released a new feature in iOS 10 if your car already has Bluetooth it will keep track of it, but most of the cars on the road today don’t have Bluetooth and not everyone has an iPhone w/the latest OS so ZUS still has a niche. Perhaps it belongs in the stocking of your prone-to-lose-their-car friend or family member?

You can check out more about ZUS at



For parents who want to encourage their kids to do better at brushing their teeth, what do you think about a smart toothbrush? Check out this video with Ethan Schur from Grush The Gaming Toothbrush for Kids. It turns brushing teeth into a video game for kids by integrating sensor technology in the battery part that does the vibrating. I’m going to see how this does with my kids, there are three heads for the toothbrush in the box so it works out for my IoT loving kids.

In the video Ethan gives a discount code GRUSHBUDDY for 20% off at (I tested the code and you enter the coupon code right before payment and it works).


Tianya Zorpia

Silicon Valley is about innovative ideas, and they come from all over the world. This is a short conversation with Frank Zheng from Tianya Zorpia where he explains a bit about how he helps with the bridge between China and Silicon Valley.