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TrintMe: Building a Better Mouse Trap

Have you ever been interested in someone but been too shy and too afraid of damaging a friendship to want to stick your neck out there and even ask someone to meet for a cup of coffee? Social anxiety is a problem that affects some people on a deep level. With other people it can be only a fleeting issue that crops up with insecurities now and again, like when you become clumsy in the presence of someone you are attracted to. Do you make your true intentions known and take a chance at rejection or do you let life pass you by never knowing what might have been?

In the world of technology, dating sites have harnessed the power of analytics creating places for people to discover new connections but until now technology has not solved the anxiety problem associated with the fear of sharing your true intentions.

TrintMe, a Facebook integrated app, allows you to express your true intentions (or trints) to friends and second degree connections. If trints match, both friends are notified. For those with a fear of rejection who want to express friendly intentions without using the not-so-classy Bang With Friends type tools, TrintMe may offer a better mouse trap.

TrintMe founder and CEO VS Joshi whose own lost chance at a possible relationship was the inspiration for this app explained, “Social networks have created online communities. These online communities of known people need an intermediary. TrintMe is trying to be that intermediary between friends and friends-of-friends.”

TrintMe will hold a product launch Thursday, March 13 at HackerDojo. Visit to RSVP for the launch event. You do not have to wait for the product launch to try TrintMe; the app prototype available in the app store for free download so you can discover for yourself if this technology can work for you. You can also follow TrintMe on Twitter @trintme.