SJSU Makes Technology Work For You

I met today with two of the founders of the startup, Stephen Snyder and Joel Gaona .  Before delving into their product, a short bit of info from their story sets the backdrop for these two technology leaders.  They are both fellow San Jose State University alumni.  San Jose, CA, the Capital of Silicon Valley, is proud to host Silicon Valley’s university at its heart.  The heart of the valley, as well as the hearts of these two guys, is entrepreneurship.  They were members of the SJSU chapter of Alpha Tua Omega, an entrepreneurship fraternity.  It is through the SJSU environment that these two met and began working together which brings us to what they’re working on.

Designed for real estate agents, both the connected and the disconnected in this social media driven world, gathers and posts trending real estate related news to an agent’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages based on the agent’s set preferences.  This creates a huge amount of value for an agent, especially of the disconnected type, as the posting is done automatically.’s product is relatively new, but the success stories are rolling in, agents with new leads within days of subscribing.

Why am I so interested in  It makes technology easy to use and is a perfect example of technology working and creating value.  Sounds a little like my mantra:  Don’t work for technology; make technology work for you.