IoT Anonymous

If there were such a thing as IoT Anonymous, I would most certainly be member and it most certainly would not be anonymous.  What is this IoT?  The Internet of Things is devices sensing, computing and/or transmitting information to other machines (M2M) via the Internet at a large scale resulting in actionable insight that enhances human capacity.

In the race to enhance human capacity via IoT solutions, IoT Anonymous members are jockeying for markets being created by billions of device solutions, jockeying for the VC dollars to make those solutions a reality, jockeying for the right to be the standards leader in IoT, and much more.  Why? Where the internet itself brought about productivity improvements and efficiency for people such as going from the postal system to email, IoT solutions will bring efficiency to things.  Every ‘thing’ in the world as an enabler of efficiency spells value.

In the race to understand the value of IoT solutions IoT addicts from around the world will convene tomorrow and Wednesday in San Francisco at the Internet of Things World Conference in the Moscone Center.  Find me there.  I’m looking for people creating real value, monetizable value, by putting IoT technology to work.  Tickets and free expo passes are available to IoT World by visiting http://iotworldevent.com/.