How to add $15 Cree Connected Light Bulbs to a Philips Hue Hub

I added a Cree Connected light bulb to my Philips Hue Hub and it was easy!

At $15 per bulb, a fraction of the cost of the Philips Hue $60 colored LED bulbs, the Cree Connected bulbs are a great way to expand connectivity to light fixtures in your home where you do not want or need colored lights.  Here is the bulb I picked up from Home Depot (check your local store as these are not in every store):

Purchase Cree Bulbs at Home Depot

The setup was a easy.  Did I say that yet?  It was, and this is important when it comes to wider adoption of connected devices in the home; easy is key.  It will take you longer to open the Cree box than it will take to add the bulb to your Hue hub.

Here is how to do it:

Step 1: Screw in your new light bulb and leave the power off

Step 2: Launch the Hue app on your phone and use Auto search to automatically connect the bulb. How?

a) Go to Settings

In the Hue app go to Settings

b) Select My Lights

Select My lights

c) Choose Connect new lights

Click Connect new lights

d) Choose Auto search

Choose Auto search

Step 3: While the app is searching, turn on the new bulb.  


The app will find it and you can name it and then begin controlling it.

See, easy!

For the consumer Internet of Things to be adopted, it must be easy to install and use.  Kudos to both Cree and Hue for making it easy to put this technology to work for you.