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IoT Meets API at Apigee #ILoveAPIs

Check out these videos from the Apigee I Love APIs conference in San Jose, CA this week.  If you click the little Facebook icon in the lower right hand corner of the video you’ll be able to read my intro to each video.  Enjoy!  And while you’re there, feel free to visit my Facebook page and check out more of the things I’m up to.  Likes, Comments, Shares and Follows are also welcome and will actually help you see more of the things I do as well as other interesting things from other sources that may be of interest to you.

A couple of notes – To view in higher quality video click HD.  Audio, unfortunately, is as good as I can get it after scrubbing it a bit to reduce the background noise.  New hardware is in the works for me, both camera and microphone, to improve on the audio quality for these videos.  I have to thank everyone who has contributed, either running the camera behind the scenes or offering comments and suggestions on how to improve from audio to video to content to length and more.  Keep the feedback coming!

SAP Beacons For Smart Building Maintenance



Philips Hue

Sereneti Kitchen


There will probably be one more video from the conference that was graciously recorded by someone who offered to use their nicer phone/camera to record but hasn’t yet provided a copy.  I’ll add it on Facebook and tack it on here when it is available.

Augmented Reality, Gestures & The Human Element

Moritz v. Grotthuss, CEO of gestigon, has an articulate understanding of the state and challenges of AR technology.  “Over the past twelve months we’ve seen the first beta deliveries of augmented and virtual reality solutions,” Grotthus explained. “In most of them, the human element is missing! For example, you don’t see your hands when you put on a pair of virtual reality glasses.”

InsideAR-SF-2015-Logo_RactangleGrotthuss, who will be in San Francisco speaking about and demonstrating gestigon technology at the Inside AR conference next month, is razor focused on enriching the user interface and making AR a more human experience.  “When you scan a room with your tablet, you may get all kinds of interesting data about the objects in the room, but the human beings are usually just displayed as blobs,” he shared. “gestigon’s mission is to change that.”

Computers recognizing human context is key to making that happen.  Gestures, facial expressions, and vocal intonations can be indicative of intent or emotion, which means AR solutions must also incorporate elements of affective computing to fully understand human context.  gestigon gives “computers the ability to recognize the human context, ranging from enabling your hands to manipulate a virtual menu that your smart glasses are displaying to providing a more complete picture on the intent of a particular Human/Machine interaction,” Grotthus explained.

To learn more about AR alongside over 3,800 other AR affectionados and to connect with gestigon, plan to be in in San Francisco May 20-21, 2015 at the Inside AR conference.  Tickets and more information are available by clicking here.