iDevices Switch – Best Connected Home Unboxing Yet

Good news everybody, the smart home is getting easier! Last week I became the proud owner of an iDevices smart switch thanks to having been one of the first listeners to the Home:On podcast to respond to a giveaway. The setup of that switch was so easy I had to show you and in this video I do just that.

First I demo the switch I already have, then setup of the new switch begins at minute 1:20 and finishes at minute 6:25. I did run into a little bit of confusion when I added the new switch when it didn’t immediately asked me to scan the HomeKit code. I eventually figured that out but I don’t know exactly if that was my problem or the iDevices app. It doesn’t matter though, because it was less than 5 minutes which is WONDERFUL.

I’m heavily UX/UI driven and the unbox/setup process is crucial to success in non-early adopter markets. This is by far the easiest un-boxing of a consumer Internet of things product for the connected home for any product I have brought home to date.
You can find out more about iDevices and their other products on their website. This switch is $49. No one paid me to do this video so I guess they’re getting some free advertising in return for the free switch!

If you are into the smart home, I recommend listening to Home:On podcast.

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