Questions for Intel at IoT World 2015

iot-world-300x250The who’s who of IoT devices, solutions and enthusiasts will convene in San Francisco May 12-13 at the Moscone Center for Internet of Things World 2015.  This includes Rose Schooler, VP of the Internet of Things Group and GM of the IoT Strategy and Technology Office for Intel who will give a keynote address discussing the opportunities and challenges of scaling IoT solutions during the event.

“The IoT will take data, create information, analyze that information and transform every industry, the way it works, the way it’s optimized, and create new business models, not to mention the way we live and the way we play,” Schooler said in a video on Intel’s website dedicated to Intel at Internet of Things World 2015 that also includes details about what Intel will demo during the conference expo.

Knowing where to start is one of the challenges developers face when contemplating solutions with the impact to transform every industry.  Intel is offering IoT solutions at all levels from “security technologies as a foundation, to silicon and software, offering those each as individual building blocks but also offering pre-configured and pre-validated solutions to accelerate that deployment,” Schooler explains to prospective conference attendees.

These are the questions I hope to find answers for during Schooler’s keynote:

Are promises of insights that will transform every industry hype or reality?  Can IoT really boost productivity, reduce costs and downtime, improve efficiency, optimize operations, increase throughput, save energy and improve and enrich lives?  How can the value of IoT solutions be realized amid the challenges in the space?

Will you be at IoT World with an answer to these questions or a compelling IoT solution?  If so, drop me a line and lets plan to meet up.  Tickets and free expo passes are available to IoT World by visiting

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