Five Trends Enabling Contextual Understanding

Every CMO of every organization needs to understand context and how to leverage it to benefit their customers and their balance sheet.  Context goes far beyond location and Robert Scoble did an excellent job of providing real examples of value derived from situations I will call contextual marketing in his keynote at AWE 2014.

Among other things, Scoble points out five trends enabling contextual understanding:

1)      Sensors

2)      Wearables

3)      Location

4)      Social

5)      Data


Both Dewy Decimal-esque 3×5 card customer tracking in the old days and technology enabled contextual understanding of customers today help marketers deliver the right the right message to the right person at the right time brings the greatest value to both the buyer and the seller of goods or services, a point I make here regarding ContextM and ProxToMe.

Of course all of this ties in to my mantra “Don’t work for technology; make technology work for you.” because marketers who use technologies that leverage context to deliver the most value to their customers are certainly putting technology to work for the marketing dollars under their jurisdiction.


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