Technology Working for the Social Media Marketer

Technology is creating completely new opportunities. Take social media, for example. Just a few years back, it would have been extremely difficult to carry on an intelligent conversation regarding social media marketing in a business context. Now, however, even the not-so-internet-inclined business leaders understand the driving need for social media marketing, even if they do not understand how to do it or where to turn for guidance.

Social media marketers need to understand whether or not their efforts are generating the desired results. Managing social media is a challenge, using it to market, for those who studied marketing based on research that has collected dust for years, is nearly impossible without insight into what is really going on. The internet, in case you haven’t noticed, is so vast that it is difficult to understand what happens in the various social media channels and new channels are opening up all the time.

Enter the technology enabled entrepreneur. I had the opportunity to chat with Jan Zając, CEO of Sotrender about technology enabled social media marketing solutions, the key offering of Sotrender. He explained that Sotrender makes it easy to analyze social media campaigns by providing time saving reporting and a one stop social media dashboard with activities from your social media channels. Marketers can then turn data into insight to drive future social media activities.

I asked Jan how Sotrender uses technology to benefit its clients. “We leverage data through our IP to make the lives of marketers easier. They can achieve more with their limited resources by using Sotrender which provides automated interpretation of social media data, both theirs and their competitors.”

This is an interesting value proposition to marketers who must now up the priority of effective social media management on their To Do list. Jan makes it clear that his solution is optimal, “What takes them hours to do manually can now be done in minutes.” This sounds like technology working for you.

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