5 technologies that are shaping the future of design

A nice snapshot of how sensor tech, robotics, 3D printing, synthetic biology and crowd-funding are opening up opportunities in designs that put technology to work for you.


Theatrical robots. 3D printers that churn out cells. Wearables for infants. These types of technologies might be “out there,” but they show off key enabling technologies that are pushing the future of design forward These types of technologies were highlighted at Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s Design Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

While these technologies are paving new paths for design practices, designers will be the ones that make sure these new infrastructures and platforms deliver a valuable experience to the user. As design firm Frog’s AVP of Innovation and Strategy, Timothy Morey, put it, “designers need to be at the front end of the sensor transition so they can humanize it.” The same could be said for building helpful robots, or developing tomorrow’s 3D printing tools that could deliver the next industrial revolution.

Here are five enabling technologies that will pave the way for how designers should think and work, and…

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