Technology in Superbowl 2014 Ads

The Doritos 2014 Superbowl commercial did a great job of selling the product and doing it with a sense of humor.  While time machines are a technology from science fiction and one that will never be invented, many technologies that once were science fiction are now realities.


Just take Microsoft’s commercial for a sampling of what is being done by technology for people.  Certainly this commercial has strong tear-jerking emotional appeal for anyone with a heart for humanity.

Ok, so without several beers and some real good bean dip you might only have had a few goose pimples re-watching this just now but those goose pimples are probably indicative of how amazed you are at the technology that is being used today in the medical world.

Technology has certainly changed the face of the business world over the past few decades (does anyone still use a fax machine?)  It will continue to change the face of the business world; however, in the medical field there will be leaps and bounds in world of what technology can do for human kind.  The Microsoft commercial illustrates how the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and the dumb can speak.  For centuries man has believed these were only the stuff of miracles and fairy tales.  Now, they are realities.  Technology is working miracles and the people who benefit from these miracles could not be happier to have technology working for them.

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